Working as a husband and wife team, Starlight Photography will capture your special moments with our professional services.  We are focused on delivering outstanding services with affordable prices and making your experience memorable.

As professional portrait photographers, we specialize in many fields including weddings, engagement photos, family portraits, children, senior class pictures, models and even pets. We are also available for events such as christenings, company parties, birthdays, and many others.  

Starlight's approach is simple: allow the client to enjoy their day! Either at our studio or on location, remember it's your day; Starlight will record it and not take it away!

Whether it's a new union, a special event, even bringing a family together for a portrait, our goal is that each time you look at your photos you relive the happiness that created those memories in the first place.  

When photographing a wedding, we capture your day in a photojournalistic manner taking both posed and candid photos; essential moments including the small ones -- the smiles, the kisses and the gasps of surprises that might otherwise fade from memory.   This makes for a lifetime of beautiful memories.  We don't do this by snapping tons of pictures, but by carefully observing and then artistically composing arresting shots to show you and your wedding in a natural fashion. It's the couple that makes the event; our job is to remind everyone of the small and large details that make it special.

Call us for a personalized consultation and let us capture your Special Moment in Time and give you the memories that last an eternity.

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